OEO Offshore/Near shore Drilling Capabilities

3 No.of Jack up barges (Two jack up barge with 4 legs for seawater depth upto 5 m & 6m and One jack up barge-3 legs self propelled for seawater depth upto 8m)

  • Hydraulically Operated, 3 legged Self propelled Jack up Barge, Max. water depth 8.0 m and minimum water depth 1.4m
  • Jack up Barge with 4 legs;Max. water depth Max 6.0 m & minimum water depth 1.2m
  • Jackup Barge, with 4 legs; Max. water depth Max 5.0 m & minimum water depth 1.2m
  • Boat with double engine, 8.0 m long
  • 2L