Material Testing


The Material Division offers Physical, mechanical and chemical analysis of wide range of materials used by the construction and its allied industry.The testings are carried out as per the International Standards and specifications as defined in BS, ASTM, BS EN, AASHTO, CIRIA, DIN, ISO etc. In certain cases, the tests can also be performed in accordance with the customer specified test methods or procedure.

The core services offered by the material Division includes testing of Soil, Aggregates & Rock, Concrete, Steel & Steel products, Asphalt, Cement, Water etc..

With its many years of experience in the market and industry, OEO Laboratory are capable to set up on-site testing laboratory meeting for the requirements of clients, consultants and contractors. On-site laboratory can vary from having the facility to undertake only the site testing to a complete full fledged laboratory dedicated to the particular project. These will enable all the interested parties of the project to have direct access to the laboratory and also allow them to witness the complete testing process.

OEO also undertakes concrete investigation works using destructive and non destructive techniques to evaluate an existing concrete building, which will alert consultants and engineers regarding any significant features that could compromise the structural performance.

Apart from the above mentioned, OEO laboratories are fully equipped to provide the follwing specialized services.

  • Continuous monitoring of the temperature for concrete
  • Pull Off and Pull Out Tests
  • Tile Testing
  • Epoxy Tests
  • Manhole load tests
  • Fresh Concrete tests