#Project Name/Brief description Area/ClientBegin dateEnd date
1 Foundation Tests completed for 380 kV Overhead Transmission Line Works from Hail-2 BSP (# 9031) & Qassim-3 BSP (# 9029) to New Hadco BSP (# 9065) under Contract # 4400002631M/s. MEEDCO 02/Nov/2014 31/Dec/2014
2 Foundation Tests completed for 380 kV Overhead Transmission Line Works associated with Integration of Qurayyah IPP (Part-2) as per SEC-EOA Contract # 31131129/00,M/s. MEEDCO 01/Jul/2014 31/Jul/2014
3 Foundation Tests completed for Construction of 380 & 132 kV OHTL Works Interconnection of Madian BSP as per SEC Contract # 31131147/00,M/s. MEEDCO 01/Jun/2014 31/Jul/2014
4 Foundation for Contract # 31131151/00 for Construction of Construction of 380 kV Double Circuit OHTL Works from Al Lith BSP to Muhayel WestM/s. MEEDCO 02/Mar/2014 30/May/2014
5 Foundation Load Test for 380kV OHTL from Yanbu to Umlujj, Contract # 21131164/00M/s. Saudi Services for Electro Mechanic Works Co. Ltd. 01/Nov/2013 31/Dec/2013
6 Foundation Uplift Load Test for Construction of Manifa - Qaisumah 380kV Double Circuit OHTL, (Manifa - Qaisumah)M/s. NCC / SEC – EOA 01/Apr/2011 29/Apr/2011
7 Foundation Test for Construction of 380kV Overhead Transmission Line Between Hail & Al - Jouf (SEC-EOA, Contract No. 309031088/00)M/s. MEEDCO / SEC - EOA 01/Apr/2011 29/Apr/2011
8 HA Tower & TT Type (Tower # 41 & 27) Towers at Arar for your SEC-EOA Contract # 30831077National Contracting Co. 01/Apr/2010 30/Apr/2010
9 Foundation Load Testing at HA Tower & TT Type (Tower # 41 & 27) at Arar for SEC-EOA Contract # 30831077 as per work order # NCC-T&D/SE/30831077/WO/24National Contracting Co. 01/Apr/2010 30/Apr/2010
10 Foundation test for 400 kV Overhead Transmission Line for Kharamaa Contract No. GTC/143/2006 Project in QatarHyundai Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd. 01/Oct/2009 30/Nov/2009
11 Foundation Load Testing at SEC-EOA Contract # 30733179/00, Construction of New 380 & 115 kV OHTL Associated with Power Supply to Manifa OIl FieldSaudi Services for Electro Mechanic Works Co. Ltd. 01/May/2009 31/May/2009
12 Uplift Test for Gulf Cooperative Council Interconnection Authority (GCCIA) at QatarNational Contracting Co., 02/Dec/2007 31/Aug/2007
13 Foundation Load Testing conducted between Tower # 37 & 38 for 110kV Over Head Transmission Line between Thuwal S/S and K.A.U. S/S (Contract No. 20731026/00)National Contract Co. 01/Apr/2008 30/Apr/2008
14 Foundation Load Testing conducted at Location # for 132kV Transmission Line Integration Association with Generation Expansion in Al-Jouf Power Plant, Al-Jouf Power PlantNational Contracting Co. 01/May/2007 31/May/2007
15 Uplift Test at Jouf Power Plant. Owner SEC-EOANational Contracting Co. 01/Apr/2007 30/Apr/2007
16 Uplift Test for Meedco Tower # 200 at Abqaiq areaMEEDCO 01/Aug/2006 30/Apr/2007
17 Uplift tests at Jizan . Onwer: SEC/SOANational Contracting Co., 01/May/2006 30/Jun/2006
18 Pile Load test at HawiyahNational Contracting Co. 02/Apr/2006 30/Apr/2006
19 Pile Load test at KhursaniyahNational Contracting Co. 02/Apr/2006 30/Apr/2006
20 Pile Load Test for Jubail Navel Base Owner: KAANBHindustan Construction Co. 01/Mar/2006 31/May/2006
21 Foundation Testing for SEC-WRB Tender No. 20431003 380kV Shoaiba – Jeddah 2nd Double Circuit Transmission LineMiddle East Engineering Development Co. 01/Feb/2005 31/Mar/2005
22 Foundation Load Testing for SEC-EOA Contract No. 30431033/00 Power Supply to Haradh Crude Increment- III (230/ 115kV OHTL Portion)National Contracting Co. (NCC) 01/Feb/2005 31/Mar/2005
23 Foundation Testing for SEC-SOA, Contract No. 49/2002, Al Zargha – Sabiya 132 kV DC Transmission Line Gizan RegionNational Contracting Co. (NCC) 01/Apr/2004 30/Apr/2004
24 Foundation Testing for Power Supply to New Haradh Gas Plant Project (Transmission Line Portion), Saudi Arabia (ST-385), Contract No. 83418/00, SEC-EOAMiddle East Engineering Development Co. 02/Dec/2001 31/May/2002
25 Pile Load Testing at Ras Tanura for KFUPM/ AramcoJNCO 01/Oct/2002 31/Oct/2002
26 Pile Load Testing at Ras Tanura for KFUPM/ AramcoJNCO 01/Oct/2002 31/Oct/2002
27 Pile Load Testing at Ras Tanura for KFUPM/ AramcoJNCO 01/Oct/2002 31/Oct/2002
28 Pile Load Tests for Neat Khuff Condensate Project, Aramco Ras Tanura, Contract # 44481/00JNCO (Aramco) 01/Nov/2001 31/Jan/2002
29 Assessment of the Fire Tank Foundation at JEC commercial port onshore-Jizan-Quality of ConcreteAl-Kifah/Jizan 07/Oct/2018 19/Oct/2018