#Project Name/Brief description Area/ClientBegin dateEnd date
1 Geotechnical Investigation for Energy Industrial City Project, Al HasaSaudi Aramco 01/Oct/2014
2 Geotechnical Investigation for BI-25-11000 King Abdullah Programs for Sport Stadiums in Al Jouf site. Owner: Saudi AramcoMustang HDP 01/Sep/2014
3 Geotechnical Investigation for Baysh Cornishe & Economic City Infrastructure Projects in Jizan. Owner: Saudi AramcoAECOM Arabia Ltd. 02/Mar/2014
4 Geotechnical Investigation works for Rehabilitation of Al Muajjiz Crude Oil Terminal Project, Yanbu as per Cont No. K061-C-311-002. Owner: Saudi AramcoClient: JGC GULF Engineering Co. Ltd. 02/Feb/2014
5 Geotechnical Investigation for EPC Contractor for JRTP PKG.14 Project – Jizan Owner: Saudi AramcoHANWHA Engineering & Construction Corp 01/Apr/2014 30/May/2014
6 Soil Investigation : SAUDI HAIL&QASSIM–NEW HADCO 380KV TL. Owner: Saudi Electricity Co.Hyundai E & C (MEEDCO) 02/Feb/2014 31/Mar/2014
7 Geotechnical Investigation for 3rd Scope of Work for Jazan Refinery & Terminal Projects (JR & TP) EPC-13 Utilities PackageOwner: Saudi Aramco 01/Nov/2013
8 Soil Investigation and Topographic Survey and Ummwu’al EPC Project for Ma’aden Phosphoric Acid Plant . Owner: MA’ADENHANWHA Engineering & Construction Corp 02/Feb/2014 30/Jun/2014
9 Geotechnical Investigation for 3rd Scope of Work for Jazan Refinery & Terminal Projects (JR & TP) EPC-13 Utilities Package. Owner: Saudi AramcoHitachi Ltd., Infrastructure System Company 01/Nov/2013 30/Jun/2014
10 Soil Investigation Investigation for Jazan Refinery and Terminal Project- Package-2 n . Owner: Saudi AramcoHyundai Heavy Industries 01/Nov/2013 30/Apr/2014
11 Onshore and Offshore Geotechnical Investigation and Topographic/ Bathymetric Survey Yanbu Phase 3 Desalination Plant. Owner: SWCCDoosan Heavy Industries, Korea 01/Feb/2013 31/Oct/2013
12 Geotechnical Investigation and Topographic Survey for Jizan Refinery (EPC/9) . Owner: Saudi AramcoSK Engineering & Contracting 01/Feb/2013 30/Apr/2014
13 Geotechnical Investigation and Topographic Survey at Jizan Refinery. Owner: Saudi AramcoJGC Corporation 01/Feb/2013
14 Offshore and Onshore Soil Investigation, Marine Survey and Topographic Survey for Heavy Oil Fired Supercritical steam Power Plant at Rabigh. Owner: Saudi Electricity Co.Samsung C & T Corporation 01/Nov/2013 31/Mar/2014
15 New Jizan AirportGACA/ Jizan 01/May/2017 11/Jun/2017
16 Geotechnical Investigation for Haradh Gas Compression PlantTecnicas Reunidas 02/May/2018 08/May/2019
17 Pipeline Project with CPPCPP 01/Mar/2019 31/Jul/2019