About Us

OEO is an accredited independent geotechnical and materials testing engineering firm, established in 1973. It is 100 % Saudi Engineering Consulting Office owned by Dr. Ayed Eid Al Osaimi.

Core business of the laboratory includes geotechnical investigation and testing of a wide range of engineering materials. The laboratory is involved in the geotechnical investigations and testing of fresh and hardened concrete, soils, cement, asphalt, aggregates and water, physical & chemical analysis of steel and environmental testing.

With head office in Al Khobar, OEO has various branches in different parts of the kingdom. It is recognized as leader in geotechnical engineering and testing services.

To demonstrate the ability of producing accurate result, to gain the confidence of end users and various governmental bodies and to achieve the set goals, OEO management system got ISO 9001:2015 by UKAS . The laboratory confirms its credibility through regular participation in the inter-laboratory proficiency testing program organized by International Agencies like, CCRL, AMRL, DAC and FAPAS.

Our People

For a knowledge based professional organization such as engineering offices, the most valuable asset is its peoples. The key factor in the development of OEO is the commitment, hard work and sincerity of its staff. Passion of staff about their work and thrust for learning of our people is reason behind our continuous growth.

We recognize the contribution of each member of staff in our success and we continuously motivate them for commitment, integrity, learning and best service to the customer.

Our Values

    • Doing the business in the most honest way.
    • Maintaining confidentiality of customer’s information.
    • Ensuring staff integrity.
    • Attaining the customer’s trust by maintaining the best quality and efficient service.

Our Strategy

  • Always striving for innovation and introduction of new technology and techniques.
  • Not depending on conventional business
  • Educating the customer about new testing facilities and benefits.
  • Expansion of existing facilities.
  • Working with local authorities and big companies to support R&D initiatives.
  • Hiring well educated fresh young technical staff and providing them proper training to become good engineers.

Our Mission

“To be a reputed international company providing high quality services to industry to help them achieve best quality products.”

” To be an organization, which is the first choice of customers as well as of the employees. Contributor on the development of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To give all staff equal opportunity to learn and develop their carriers.”

Our Customers

Our main customers are major clients of the Kingdom, including but not limited to, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, SWCC and Sabic.

OEO is an approved supplier for Saudi Aramco to provide our services in the fields of geotechnical investigations offshore/onshore, material testing, and monitoring well installations.

Our Services

  • Calibration Services
  • Geophysics
  • Geotechnical Investigation (Onshore / Offshore)
  • Onshore and Offshore Drilling up-to 25 meter water depth
  • Concrete Deterioration Studies
  • Construction Material Testing
  • Engineering Geophysical Surveying, Topography and Bathymetric Surveying
  • Microbiology and Environmental Testing
  • NDT Testing and Surveying
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Pile Testing
  • Foundation Testing
  • Special Drilling Capabilities and other field Testing 

Society Service

OEO is committed to the service of society whenever and wherever possible. Being a professional engineering Office, OEO offer internship courses and different training to university students free of charge.

OEO is always available to join any governmental and private sector organizations for R&D initiatives.

OEO is always willing to invest in technologies which are used to improve the standard of construction in kingdom.

Our Locations

With head office in Al Khobar, OEO is providing the services all over the kingdom with the branch offices in Jubail, Yanbu, Rabigh and Jizan.

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