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October 2012

Geotechnical Investigations , Material testing and Foundation testing at 230 and 380 kv overhead transmission line work associated with integration of Qurayya Power plant Part II, Middle East Engineering & Development Co.

Ground Investigation for Monumental Flag pole project Jeddah, Al Babtain Le blanc telecommunication systems Ltd for Abdul Latif Jameel co Ltd.

Geotechnical Investigations of Tanks Area at SASREF, SADARA Port tank Farm- SAFREF Facility & SADARA main plant project, Arabian CB& I.



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Osaimi Engineering Office (OEO) is a geotechnical and materials engineering firm headquartered in Al-khobar, Saudi Arabia. Founded in 1973, it is recognized as a leader in engineering and testing services related to soil, foundation and construction materials for heavy industrial, commercial, residential and government projects.
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