Company Profile

OEO is an accredited independent Geotechnical and materials testing engineering firm, established in 1973.

Core business of the laboratory includes Geotechnical Investigation and testing of a wide range of engineering materials. The laboratory is involved in the Geotechnical investigation and testing of fresh and hardened concrete, soils, cement, asphalt, aggregates and water, physical & chemical analysis of steel and environmental testing,

With head office in Al Khobar, OEO has various branches in different parts of the kingdom. It is recognized as leader in Geotechnical Engineering and testing services.

OEO is equipped with brand new latest Geotechnical Rigs and testing equipments. The laboratory confirms its credibility through regular participation in the inter-laboratory proficiency testing programme organized by International Agencies like, CCRL, AMRL, DAC and FAPAS. OEO got its accreditation through ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) from USA.